The last moments of sunlight, before the sun sets, always seem to be the most precious.
This is when silhouettes are cut sharply and when colours reach their full bloom. When a golden glow veils everything around you – the sun’s goodnight kiss.

The sheer beauty of these precious moments is captured in Nora.s designs. We have
curated a selection of iconic handbags and combined their classic, clear-cut shapes with
the vivid colours of the most inspiring Moroccan mosaic motifs.

Unlike the last light before sunset, our bags, scarves and accessories are crafted to last a
lifetime. Each bag is handmade by Italian craftsmen from superior quality calf leather – handpicked and sourced in Tuscany.

Each of our authentic bags, scarves, belts and accessories are made from natural, high
quality materials such as silk, leather and solid brass. With all of our designs, we aim to translate the true romance of a warm Moroccan sunset into timeless, traditional pieces.

For every occasion, we have the perfect product to give your mood and outfit that extra feminine touch.



Every product is inspired on the beauty of Moroccan culture, and is designed with
utmost care and attention to even the tiniest detail. We find it important that each design emanates a feminine quality that underlines your sense of style.

Yet we believe that our products have more to offer than meets the eye. This why we only use natural materials of the highest quality. All of Nora.s authentic products are made from handpicked calf leather sourced in Tuscany, and are crafted by the most talented and experienced craftsmen based in the inlands of Italy.

We are proud to offer you our wide range of luxury bags, scarves and accessories.
We sincerely hope you will find just the thing that perfectly suits your style.


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